Ben Benedetti has worked as both a freelance producer and corporate executive in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. He is also an avid outdoorsman and off-road enthusiast. He has backpacked over most of the High Sierras and been camping around the globe. These survivalist skills and lust for adventure allow him to be completely comfortable in challenging circumstances. It is this intense spirit of wanderlust that drives him daily to be the very best professionally, finding new ways of stimulating creative expression, supporting production, and invigorating revenues through technology. He has worked in all phases of production including product development, network administration, studio operations, and facilities management.


Benedetti is currently employed by Westwind Media in Burbank, CA as the Senior Vice President and General Manager. Benedetti's role is as both the facility's administrator as well as marketing and client service specialist. Benedetti is extremely active supporting the community of the entertainment industry actively serving on various boards and committees of many voluntary organizations. He is an honorary affiliate member of the American Cinema Editors, a past member of the Producers Guild of America, the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE), and sat on the Board of the Sales Resource Committee of the Hollywood Professional Association. He received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Design from the esteemed California Institute of the Arts in 1992.

Benedetti broke into the entertainment industry working as Ted Danson's personal assistant on the hit TV show "Cheers." When Danson started his own production company at Paramount Studios (Anasazi Productions), Benedetti was hired as an assistant to the development team, headed by his father, the Emmy-winning producer, Robert Benedetti. Eventually, Ben began working as a production assistant and then as a post production supervisor on the award-winning films and specials produced by Anasazi through 1995.

In late 1995, Benedetti was hired as Associate Producer of CBS's hit drama, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," and remained there until the show left the airwaves. Benedetti was responsible for the creative and technical integrity of every episode produced. He gained invaluable experience directing all ADR/Looping sessions, working directly with the lead and supporting actors in the cast; supervising every mix and the delivery of every episode to the network.

After Dr. Quinn, Benedetti worked as a consultant at the Disney Channel for Gary Marsh and Susette Hsiung, in the Original Programming department. He was responsible for the development and implementation of a strategic plan for a new department able to administer and manage the post production of dozens of independently produced tele-films simultaneously. To this day the department thrives using the work flows and production bible that Ben helped design and co-author.

In 1999, Benedetti assumed the role of Vice President of Sales and Client Services for Digital Symphony at Ascent Media, one of the leading suppliers of production equipment specializing in non-linear computer editing systems, camera package rentals, remote HD digital dailies viewing systems, and Digital Cinema Preview/Screening services. Eventually his responsibilities were expanded to represent the complete spectrum of post production services that Ascent Media offered including Sound Editorial, Re-recording Audio Mixing, and Telecine, Video Finishing, Visual Effects, and Digital Intermediates.

In 2008 Benedetti breifly moved to Modern VideoFilm in Burbank as Vice President, Sales and Business Development. At the beginning of 2010, Benedetti took on working for Sony Pictures Entertainment as a member of the executive management team for the studio's Post Production Facilities providing complete post production packages and work flows for both feature and television clientele. He directly administrated the award winning TV Sound Editorial department as well working as a sales representative for Sony's Digital Picture Editorial, Post Media Center, Colorworks, and Sony Pictures Sound Facility.

In 2014 he moved to become the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Westwind Media. Westwind Media provides complete post production service packages for feature films and television clientele. Founded by artists and producers, Benedetti strives to provide the type of low-stress, high technology environment in which creative decisions are most easily made. Benedetti is overseeing the operations and client services of the entire facility, cultivating a technological and humanistic culture where creative people can work and thrive.


Cell: (818) 535-0322 

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