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as Executive Director Sound Editorial and Digital Services at Sony Pictures Entertainment:


In a world of gray hopelessness, Ben is the shining superhero of problem solving with his unique power of can do. There would be a vacuum of static and dead air space where shows
failed to air in time if it was not for Ben's magic of making the impossible plausible. I recommend him highly!
- Cynthia Stegner Senior Vice President, Post Production and VFX at Sony Pictures Television October 28, 2013, Cynthia worked with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

I am writing to recommend Ben Benedetti as a Post-Production and Facilities executive. I was Bens client at Sony Television. We worked together on a couple of very challenging shows. Its
difficult to navigate a television series constantly shifting deadlines and ever shrinking budgets.
Bens thorough knowledge of his business and can and will do work ethic made all the difference in finishing our shows. Although Ben knows a ton about post‐production, it is his
trustworthiness and reliability that set him apart from others in his field. Every project has its own set of issues and Ben always brings positive energy and enthusiasm to work through them. Its rare that one leaves his office unhappy. In summary, Ben Benedetti is someone I always want to work with and he would be a great resource for any company. I am available to speak about Ben at any time.
- Kathy OConnell Associate Producer (818) 469-4739

I have worked with Ben Benedetti for more than 15 years since he first helped manage my shows through Digital Symphony and Ascent Media. Ben has remained a close associate and friend ever since. He recommended me to his dad, the Emmy winning producer Bob Benedetti, to help him write a book on post production. At every encounter, Ben has always been the problem solver.
He is a man of integrity, knowledge and humor. I always know hell be there to cheer me on, cheer me up, and make an honest deal that is in both of our interests. There are very few people
in our industry with Bens integrity and honor.
- Bernie Laramie, CoProducer, ATLAS SHRUGGED; WHO IS JOHN GALT?

I had the pleasure of working with Ben at Sony Pictures Studios where he acted as the Executive Director in the sound department. As a re-recording mixer at Sony, I was able to observe firsthand Bens capabilities in fulfilling his duties there. Ben has a very effective way with handling clients. He listens to them and then communicates with them that he understands their needs. This is halfway to solving any problems associated with running a studio. Really listening to the clients needs and comprehending them is of the utmost importance in a business like ours. Once he understands the problem, he works out a solution that leaves the client feeling well taken care of, yet without the studio losing on its end. This is a tough line to walk and Ben showed that diplomatic side every day. Additionally, Ben has a warm personality that seems to click with employees and clients alike. So many times on the dubbing stage, I have heard clients saying how much they love Ben and really enjoy working with him. I have heard complaints from those same clients about how they were treated at other facilities and how much they really enjoyed working at Sony because of how they were treated. Ben played no small role in that. He has an
outgoing personality that works, whether it is focused towards sales, managing, or even just on a personal level. Ben has shown great adaptability in the way that he organized our department and I believe he will take all the skills he is learning and all the invaluable experience that has garnered so far and continue to make use of that knowledge further on down the line. In summary, I think that Ben will make a superb addition to your team. His strengths in management and sales, plus his outgoing personality and positive outlook on life will be a
tremendous asset to your company.
- Robert W. Edmondson, C.A.S., Sony Pictures Studios Re-recording Mixer - Stage 6

I have had to the pleasure of working under Ben Benedetti at Sony Television Sound for over four years. I am a Supervising Sound Editor there. Bens positive personality and enthusiasm
made a sometimes difficult job a joy. As a Supervising Sound Editor you encounter a producers and directors of various visions and personalities and Ben has such amazing people skills, he can put anyone at ease. It definitely made my job much easier and able to give the client the best possible product. Ben is always asking, What can I help you with Anything needed is addressed promptly and ends with a positive result. Bens enthusiasm is contagious to all who work with him. Hes great at creating a team atmosphere that makes coming to work a pleasure. I have been in the sound editorial business for almost 30 years. The four years working with Ben have been my most successful financially and creatively. I think a lot of that success can be attributed to working with Ben.
- Craig Dellinger, Sound Supervisor "Homeland" and "Ray Donovan"

I have known Ben for 6 years, ever since he came to run the Sound Department at Sony Pictures. Ben is an excellent Executive, and has consistently proven to be a person of integrity and vision. He has always been able to balance the needs of the Studio with the needs of the clients and his staff, and to do so with great clarity and inspiration. He took over the Sound Department at a time of great change, and was able to integrate the new technologies and demands of the Video and Sound Department with ease. I have spent 25 years in the Television sound business; as an editor and mixer of my own business for 9 years, and for the past 16 years at Sony Pictures
and Universal Studios as a Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Designer. To this day, I rely on Ben for his keen observation and understanding of our business, and I am privileged to be able to call on him for advice and counsel. I can recommend Ben for a position of great trust and responsibility with no reservations. Any business that would hire Ben will benefit greatly.
- Alan Decker, President, AMD SOUND, LLC

Over the past several years Ben Benedetti and I have teamed up on several TV shows. This allowed the flexibility for the producer to match the Sound Supervisor with the Mix Team and
location that suited their production best. Be it in the Valley at Universal, or on the West Side at Sony Pictures in Culver City. Instead of competing with each other we offered a unique
experience to the producer that has been a financial success for both companies. My dealings with Ben have been fair and accommodating. Ben is a pleasure to be in business with and always has the producers best interest in mind. He is a straight shooter and very fair minded. Ben is a people person and liked by everyone in the TV post community. I look forward to working with Ben in the future where ever he lands. I can say without any hesitation that he would be an asset to any
business and they would be lucky to have him on their team.
- Larry Ellena, Director TV Sound Services, NBC Universal

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben Benedetti somewhere between fifteen and twenty years. I cant remember exactly how or when I met Ben, but I knew it was at an industry function before I had the pleasure of working with him when he was an executive at Modern Video Film, and then again when he was at Sony as the head of the sound department. Both times he worked in jobs where he had a lot of different people to take care of, manage and provide service to. Ben was always calm and extremely friendly but still had a professional and authoritative air about him. Anytime I got to interface with him was a pleasure. He also brought efficiency, organization, and a
great work ethic to both jobs. Ive always appreciated him and I know that others that have worked with him have the same high regard for him. I look forward to being a client of wherever
he ends up working.
- Karen Kirchner, Post Production Producer

I've known Ben for quite awhile & he has always been gracious with his knowledge & support when I've worked on any project. During the time we worked together at Digital Symphony he
was expeditious with all my needs & requests. He would always make things work within our budgetary parameters which were essential. He has a joyful, positive disposition that is infectious
& a pleasure to be around. Ben would be an asset to any company & he would be one of my first phone calls for any future projects.
- Lisa Taylor, Co-Producer, "Grey's Anatomy"

Ben Benedetti has always been the upmost professional when it comes to serving the clients needs. All needs were met in a timely fashion and other needs were anticipated to completely
serve the client. He has always been fair and understanding when it comes to billing. His expansive knowledge of post production is hard to match. Ben would be an amazing asset to any company that is smart enough to hire him. He has my full recommendation.
- Aaron Miller, Co-Producer, "GROWING UP FISHER"

Ben is a great guy to work with! He is so supportive and always willing to go the extra mile to help. I strongly recommend working with Ben if you can.
- Patty Connolly ADR Group Coordinator for "The Loop Squad" October 3, 2013, Patty was Ben's client

Ben manages to multi-task with exceptional ease, always leaving his clients and colleges feeling well taken care of and in capable hands, regardless of the number of projects he is handling. He is well respected, trustworthy, hardworking, warm and a great leader.
- Ashley Lambert Actress and Voice Over Casting August 14, 2013, Ashley worked with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben is a consummate professional. He will do anything it takes to make sure our Clients have everything they could ever need, and the products that we produce in our Sound Department at
Sony Pictures are absolutely world class.
- Jerry Perlman Chief Engineer TV Post Production Sound Department Sony Pictures Entertainment August 8, 2013, Jerry worked with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben was a great help during our Sony miniseries post production, managing facilities bookings and workflow as well as helping us meet our budget. We looked to Ben often; his genial approach is to help the filmmakers as much as possible.
- Mark Mitchell Post Producer at CBS Studios August 7, 2013, Mark worked with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

I worked with Ben on many projects during my time at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Ben has an amazing ability to combine the right creative talent with his many clients. Ben has incredible interpersonal skills and I have always known him to diligent, honest and extremely competent. I am positive he would be a valuable asset to any company.
- Andy Koyama, re-recording sound mixer, academy award nominated

Ben is an executive with boundless energy and enthusiasm for satisfying client needs on a daily basis whilst not losing sight of long term strategy.
- David Raines Re-recording Mixer at Freelance August 3, 2013, David worked directly with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben Benedetti is a force of nature. He has vast experience in the entertainment industry in production, as well as post production. His knowledge of equipment and media is astounding. Mostly, his amiable way of working with employees and clients is what sets him apart. His door is always open and he's a true professional.
- Fred Tator Re-recording Mixer at Sony Pictures Entertainment August 3, 2013, Fred reported to Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben makes contracting, booking and delivering your project a breeze. He's personable, willing to bend over backwards and do whatever it takes. Also collaborative and a good manager of the
people that work for him. It's always a pleasure to do business with Ben.
- Tony Palermo Post Producer - Untitled Occult Pilot at ABC Studios August 2, 2013, Tony was Ben's client

My PR firm works with Ben through Sony Pictures Entertainment and Ben is the ultimate professional and all around amazing human being. He is proactive and responsive. He supports
our PR activities and thoroughly understands and appreciates the process. Ben is savvy to working with pros because of his technical expertise and his intuitive nature to work with artists, engineers, crew, journalists, etc. Ben is an asset to any company.
- Linda Rosner Managing Director at Artisans PR August 2, 2013, Linda reported to Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Working with Ben is a joy. He has an unstoppable work ethic, a positive attitude, and responds to everyone on his team with respect. Ben's enthusiasm is infectious; as a result, his team has a sense of motivation and cohesion, which is integral to ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining a high standard of quality.
- Tara Paul Re-recording Mixer at Sony Pictures Entertainment August 2, 2013, Tara reported to Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben is a pro and knowledgeable in every aspect of post production. He is well known and respected in our industry. His rapport and care for the clients at Sony is outstanding. I enjoyed working at Sony and wish him much success in his role there.
- Frank Morrone Independent Re-recording Mixer at Sony Pictures August 2, 2013, Frank reported to Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben is one of the best executives in the Post Production business. He knows how to handle the most difficult situations, and he does it all with what is singularly one of the brightest, upbeat approaches I've ever witnessed. He's the best of all worlds.
- Bernie Laramie Associate Producer at Sony Pictures Television August 1, 2013, Bernie worked directly with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben is someone that you want to work with. He gets the best out of everyone at Sony. With a vast knowledge of the post production process, along with creating a great working environment for both employees and clients, Ben has set the standard for how post production services are provided.
- Bill Jackson Sound Mixer at Sony Pictures Entertainment July 29, 2013, Bill reported to Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

I have known Ben for approximately the last 3 years. During this time I have noted that Ben is a very proactive and detail oriented employee who works very hard for the Post Production
division of SPE. He is a very hands on type of individual and gains respect with not only his staff and others within the company. His knowledge of Post Production processes is extensive and always thinks of new ways to not only perform his tasks, but the tasks of his staff.
- Mark Corbin Executive Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment July 26, 2013, Mark worked with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben's dedication to his position and positive personality make him an excellent leader of the department. His open door policy and his genuine joy for his position make it easy to be a part of
his team. His leadership skills are some of the best that I've ever had the pleasure to work for.
- Rob Getty Supervising Sound Editor at Sony Pictures Entertainment July 26, 2013, Rob reported to Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben is at the top of his profession. His ability to understand the customer/users needs is well beyond expectations. Ben was able to transform a screening room to a sound mix stage, and
transfer information via isdn within a day was remarkable. The producers and studio could not have been more pleased.
- Mike Delorenzo President at Santa Clarita Studios July 26, 2013, Mike was with another company when working with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Ben is outstanding. I always look forward to working with him and hope to work with him in the near future. An expert in his field and a great guy. What else could anyone ask for?
- Fritzi Horstman Filmmaker July 25, 2013, Fritzi was Ben's client

I have worked with Ben on several projects, while I was at Sony and other studios and have never been disappointed. He is always engaging and helpful to me and my show. And his
attitude never ceases to amaze me! I've never seen him not in a great mood, which when you're under the gun, is very helpful! I will always look forward to working with Ben!!
- Valerie Joseph Freelance Post Production Producer July 24, 2013, valerie worked with Ben at Sony Pictures Entertainment

as Vice President Sales at Modern VideoFilm:


I have worked with Ben for many years and intend to keep on doing so. He is professional and is able to connect with his clients in all the important ways: integrity, knowledge and humor! If you haven't worked with Ben Benedetti, you are missing out! Feel free to contact me for more about how he works.
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

- Andrea Lapins
hired Ben as a Post Production in 1998 , and hired Ben more than once


as Vice President Sales and Client Services at Ascent Media:

Ben Benedetti is a true gentleman with a strong character and high quality ethical standards . He is a team player who consistently delivered on all aspects of his role as a senior sales executive balancing customer and company requirements. I am happy to endorse him, and would not hesitate to recommend him to any potential employer.
- Larry Chernoff, President Creative Services, Ascent Media
managed Ben indirectly at Ascent Media

Ben is a true expert in his field. His energy and devotion to his clients are matched only by his expertise and experience. I can't think of anyone with more energy and problem solving ability than Ben. His excitement about his work and love for life are very apparent.
- Greg Ciaccio, VP Operations, Creative Services, Ascent Media
worked with Ben at Ascent Media

In the incredibly competitive Entertainment field, it is rare to run across someone with integrity and knowledge of Ben. He truly understands how to take care of his clients, and in doing so, he has developed friendships as well. He has an incredible energy that is supported with an unmatched knowledge for his craft. I would not hesitate to work with Ben again.
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
- Jeremy Beim, Co Producer "Ugly Betty"
hired Ben as a Post Production Services in 1998, and hired Ben more than once

I can recommend Ben as both a colleague and as a service provider. Ben is very thorough, a great communicator, and delivers on the assurances he provides.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
- Blake McCormick
hired Ben as a Avid System Rentals in 2001, and hired Ben more than once


I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben Benedetti for many years. He is extremely dedicated to his work within the Post Production and Editorial industry. He is extremely knowledgeable and respected and I find myself talking with him all the time for both advice as well as trading ideas. He has become not only a Colleague but a true friend.
- Keith Alexander, Director of Editorial Facilities, Universal Studios
worked with Ben at Ascent Media

I had the oppertunity to work on several projects with Ben while I was a VP Feature Services at Ascent Media Group. I always felt supported when I turned my clients over to Ben. He has a great amount of knowledge on post production and non-linear editing. He knows that the client's needs are the most important thing. I would wholeheartilly reccomend him to anyone in Hollywood.
- Steven Cohen, VP Feature Services, Ascent Media
worked with Ben at Ascent Media


A good communicator and trusted ally, Ben is always able to deliver on what he promises. His upbeat and positive attitude makes for a pleasant time working together.
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
- Scott Arundale
hired Ben as a Writer/Editor in 2002, and hired Ben more than once

Ben always provided great customer service and never let me down. His company always aided us in tech support in a very timely fashion and I believe Ben was a great part of that at his company.
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity
- Steve Mesner
hired Ben as a Avid Rental Provider in 2001, and hired Ben more than once

Ben has always come though for me on good equipment, good prices and timely follow-thru.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
- Wes Irwin, Post production Manager, Fox TV Studios
hired Ben as a Entertainment - Editing Equipment supplier in 2,000, and hired Ben more than once

Ben is the kind of person that gets excited by new ideas and pulls his team together to bring it to fruition.
- Francesca Cohn, Director of Strategic Development, Ascent Media
worked with Ben at Ascent Media

Ben is the ideal business professional. He brings expertise, leadership and consistency to an ever changing industry while somehow managing to be one of the most pleasant and service oriented sales person I have met. It seems that some people get along with some and not with others. This is not the case with Ben. In the 5 years I have known him, across the board, everyone trusts and respects Ben. He is a true gem.
- Thayer Jester, Director of Sales, Ascent Media Group
worked with Ben at Ascent Media

Love this guy! Great customer service, timely responses, understands constraints, and offers solutions.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
- Chris Dee
hired Ben as a Media / Broadcast in 2001, and hired Ben more than once

I have known Ben for the better part of 10 years. First, as a client and now as a colleague in the post production business. Ben has always been a consummate professional and I can personally vouch for his integrity. He has a strong sphere of influence in the entertainment industry and has an excellent reputation.
- Mark Kaplan, VP, Sales and Marketing, Technicolor Sound Services
was with another company when working with Ben at Ascent Media

as Executive Producer at America's Hidden Treasures - TV Pilot:

Ben was super organized and keep us on schedule through out the shoot. He was available as a coach but did not interfere with people doing their job. He jumped in when needed even if it was to help the cook so the crew was feed on time. Ben was very supportive and his enthusiasm keep us all going. I highly recommend Ben and look forward to another opportunity to work with him on a project.
- Tom Severin, Owner, Badlands Off-Road Adventures, Inc.
was with another company when working with Ben at America's Hidden Treasures - TV Pilot

as Consultant - Supervisor of Post Production at Disney Channel:

Working with Ben is just an absolute pleasure personally and professionally. His willingness to help and knowledge in post production gave us options during budgetary and creative obstacles. I look forward to working with Ben again in the near future.
- Betsy Lee, Vice President, Production, Disney ABC Cable Networks Group
managed Ben indirectly at Disney Channel

Ben is very talented and thorough at his job, is extremely easy to work with and is definitely someone you can always count on. I would recommend him highly.
Denise Carlson, Director, Original Movies, Disney Channel
worked directly with Ben at Disney Channel

Ben effectively managed the Post Production on multiple films while serving as the Senior Post Production Supervisor at Disney Channel. Under intense pressure to simultaneously deliver an unending stream of high-quality films, Ben never failed to bring jobs in on time, on budget, and exceed the quality of work expected of him. Quite simply, he's a great guy, who does great work.
- Jeff Woods, Producer, Pixel Liberation Front
worked directly with Ben at Disney Channel

as Associate Producer at CBS Productions:
Ben and I worked for several years together on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He was very detail oriented, yet never was afraid to have fun at the same time. He made sure that everyone performed at their highest levels and delivered a consistently good show. He understands that in order to get a great product, you need to create a great environment in which people can feel comfortable and then they will strive to give you their best work. I would work with Ben again in a heartbeat!!!
- Michael Olman, Re-recording Mixer, Sony Pictures Entertainment
worked directly with Ben at CBS Productions

Ben did a stellar job as the Associate Producer of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with...
- Conrad Gonzalez, Film Editor, Blake-Shore Universal/NBC Pilot
worked directly with Ben at CBS Productions

Ben was a great guy to work with. He managed his department and his show very effectively. He allowed the creative people leeway to get their job accomplished but was very attentive to the budget and always got the job done to the satisfaction of his executives. The experience of working with him felt like a partnership, where both parties were striving for the same goal.
- Greg Jacobs, Executive Director Post Sound Facilities, Sony Pictures Studios
was a consultant or contractor to Ben at CBS Productions

Ben is always a pleasure to work with. Knows what he wants and doesn't have to arm wrestle you to get. Always on schedule and never in crisis mode.
- Paul Roman, colorist, Digital Magic
worked directly with Ben at CBS Productions

Cell: (818) 535-0322 

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